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Gedicht over mijn overleden huisdieren
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Auteur:  Lodoko [ 22-08-2017, 00:19:15 ]
Berichtenonderwerp:  Gedicht over mijn overleden huisdieren

Into the sea, into the darkness, I swim across the Mariana Trench harmless.

With a hearth of sadness and hands full of madness, I make my way into the earth core with gladness.

There I pay the entrance with my soul in order to prance through the nine circles of hell as a whole.

As I move along the fizzling ashes of burned sinners chopped down like burning trees with axes, the heat develops scar tissues across my clothing patches.

There, in the darkest corner of treachery, I see him across the icefields of bleachery, Satan Lucifer the Devil himself and I say to him from myself: ‘Give me back my fucking cat’.

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